The following works represent a selection from the modular series of paintings done roughly between 1988 and 1996.

While viewing these works its helpful to keep in mind that each group of 2, 3 or more works (same color and elements) are representions of different views of the same work reassembled into alternate fixed configurations. The photos represented are also displayed in different proportions for viewing purposes. Please note that colors in several cases are inaccurate.

One of the features of these works is infact thier modularity and therefore adaptibility to be manipulated into seemingly endless shapes. The owner of any of these works has the choice to engage with the work by choosing or not to take advantage of the works abilty to be taken apart and reassembled into configurations of choice.

To enlarge and see extended series beyond displayed of modular variations click any image to display larger image

Septcentron I - 1989


Environmental Decisions - 1989


Septcentron II - 1989



  Sollemnis - 1991

 3 Sectors of 360º - 1992

  Pivot Rings - 1993


 Sutra I - 1992 


Sutra II - 1993


Sutra III - 1995
artwork copyright © EVAN POLENGHI